Thursday, December 18, 2008


Now a days everyone is so into the 90´s. The fasion, music, desing , pretty much eveything is going all the way back to the 9th century.This is one of the main reasons i wanted to post something realted to that decade. Im showing to you a video of one of the greatest, Kashmir. HE was mainly popular in the 90´s everyone was buying his cd´s and talking good stuff about that band.This is song "Surfing the warm industry"is so emblematic for that time , plus the video is really cool
I hope you like it

Monday, December 8, 2008


The advertising of Prison Break has always been a pretty good creative pieces. I like the fact that TV series are approach a new way to get into people´s mindo. This time , in order to promote the new season of Prison break, it was delivered cakes to houses randomly.Check it out


AXA is an organization in charge of giving an insurance services. It has opened the way across Mexico with a lot of busget in media. Apparently there is alo of people who changing to this new firm. In order to promote one fo their benefits, the ad agency did a really kick ass job. I hope you like them

Monday, December 1, 2008


For those that conform to the norm, stick with your plain everyday keyboard, but those that remember the days of stripped-down instrumentation and anti-establishment lyrics then this is the keyboard for you.
The Punk Retroboard maintains the punk era with the rebelious lettering and symbols assocaiated with someof the best selling albums of the time.
Flexible, practical and durable the Punk Retroboard is made from textile rubber, so not only waterproof but also rather funky. The Punk Retroboard is practically indestructible, waterproof and washable. Coffee spills, dust, yesterdays chicken and cranberry sandwich, simply get wiped away. Lightweight, ultra-slim, and compact, you can roll it up and take it anywhere with you making it ideal for use with laptops.