Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This is a perfect example of how industrial design come into play with advertising!
To create awareness in the audience the ad agency made a physic sculpture of a man inside of a pint of beer. the activation was released in different expos around Uk with a similar topic like prevention, social marketing and the famous program of "Dont drink and drive" .
The message they were trying to send is that you can get into jail for drinking and driving. In my personal opinion i love when advertiser take approach of sculptures in different places to raise the awareness.
I have just a few question to ask about this strategy: How aggressive you have to be in social advertising to create a good impact in the audience? How can this affect consumers mind? Do this really going to change the behavior in the people?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Marketing senses

Marketers and advertisers play with your different senses in order to create a deeper impact of the message. This time the ad agency play with the smell of the print ad. Clearly its a different and innovative strategy

Thursday, January 17, 2008


As we all know , we had such a huge concerts here in Mexico the last year, of course this year its not going be the exception. To begin with, MX BEAt its been running for the last two years here in Mexico and other parts like Guadalajara and Monterrey. All of the festivals Malboro has brought a lot of good talents in the indie music industry, for this year they are going bring one band that have never play here in Mexico, two years ago they cancelled for unknown reason, im talking about The Beastie Boys . This time the line up for both cities in particular is going to result pretty attractive for mexicans citizens how like to go and see quality tunes. Well lets cut off the shit and here it is the line up for Mx Beat in my country.

MX BEAT Mexico City
Beastie Boys
Cold War Kids
The Cribs
Cut Copy
The Teenagers
Shy Child
hello seahorse!
Playmovil Proyect

MX BEAT Guadalajara
The hives
The go team
Holy fuck
Los dynamite

Amazing huh? . Of course im attending both, i dont know whats the line up for Monterrey but i bet its not going to be that impressing as this two. The ticket its around 250 pesos which is like 25 dlls, so its pretty cheap as you can see considering that you are going to a high class festival with two packages of malboro included and open bar for 4 hours.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Most of the times i post interesting campaigns for clients that ad agencies developed to follow a certain purpose, but what happen when a ad agency developed his own advertising to promote advertise them selves. Of course it has to be brilliant and send a clear message to the audience in a creative way. I wanted to post this print because i think its a unique print , i know its kind gross the way they are trying send the copy " Creativity comes from within".
In my personal opinion i think the idea and execution its just amazing , as soon as i saw it, i was breathless,shocked and i spend like 5 minutes kind of analyzing all the components of the print. For another part, the message its clearly understandable, but the way the send its kind of risky because there is a lot of formal clients that rather to take serious agencies, and with this ad it doesn't seem to be like pretty formal.I bet a lot of interesting words are going to come out of your mind, please set your self free to make a comments in this print.
SmashLAB is an interactive strategy firm that creates explosive digital experiences. The diverse clients in the private and public sector appreciate the pragmatic and sometimes unorthodox approach. Is a privately held firm located in Vancouver’s historic Gastown. Since its inception in 2000 smash lab have offered a wide range of design services, from identity to advertising. Today, they focus solely on our key strength: interaction design.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

divorce lawyer business card

When entrepreneurs are setting up a new business all of the pieces have to fit perfectly in the puzzle in order to create a successful firm. Creative advertising since the beginning of the business its critical, you developed a good impression in consumer's mind. Word of mouth distingue you with the local competence. This is an excellent example of how advertising can increase so many positive things when you are starting your business with a deep impact for your clients.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


There is nothing better than wearing a nice watch! For men like us its essential to wear a nice watch that is so "in" these days. A new way to look at time from Matthew Waldman's Nooka label! This Zen watch from Nooka's premium Gold collection has a metallic leather band and a gleaming face that displays hours, minutes and seconds with digital bars. The display switches to show date, chronograph and an alarm. Also features a light for nighttime viewing. Packaged in a matching gold tone pouch Imported. Wipe clean.
As you can all of the watches designers are focusing in new futuristic designs type of things, i really like this watch , it seems that its coming from like another galaxy, plus the gold thing make a plus out of it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


In order to create awareness in the audience , one young student of one of the most famous schools of visual arts developed this great idea for pencils , placing them in a house making the appearance of a yard. The italian school that this student is into, its call The Fabrica and was found by Oliveiro Toscani and the Benetton Group. This is a perfect example of what the students of this school can do.
Fabrica, the Benetton research centre on communication, is primarily a meeting place. Meetings between people, of course, but also between artistic fields, languages, forms of expression, territories. Even the space, the architecture is witness to this. An old villa, restored and augmented by one of the most renowned contemporary architects, Tadao Ando, like a bridge thrown between the past and the future, with cement roots solidly anchored into the earth and columns that stretch into the emptiness to hold up the sky. Is Fabrica a school? A research center? A cultural reservoir? Fabrica is a little of each but in the end doesn't allow itself to be rigidly cataloged and homogenized. This is also a sign of its uniqueness and innovation. So far, as a center for the production of culture, it has been actively involved with films awarded prizes at international festivals, books, CDs and DVDs published by renowned publishers, musical projects, exhibitions, objects and international campaigns for major institutions. Each year a group of young artists invited from all over the world, is dedicated, through photography, design, music,video, writing, interactive and visual communication, to uncover the future.

Friendly Fires Tshirts

To begin with, i want to wish you new year to everyone in the audience , i hope you had a really good time in holidays getting drunk and eating good stuff. Well, i haven't posted nothing in the break because as all of you guys i was in vacations with my family, but now we are facing another year full of surprises an radical changes in the industry as the last year. After the holiday season we are all broke because of the Christmas gifts and stuff. I hope you recover your financing this month.

It is very exciting when your favorite band made a good design to their T-shirts, there is nothing worst that a good band with an ugly design for an album or T-shirts.(And we all know there is a lot bands with horrible T-shirts). In this case im going to introduce you one of my favorite bands, its called Friendly Fires and they come from England. I love the sound they have its like good pop with influences like phoenix and post punk rhythms . Of course they are so fashionable with that edgy style we are seeing in bands from england. The t-shirt its so hot , i love the design of different items on it, also its pretty cheap , so if you are going to see friendly fires dont forget to buy the T-shirt.
They just realize the second hit , its called Paris as the album , so dont forget to check them out .