Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Last Shadow Puppets is a side project of Alex Turner of the band Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane of the band The Rascals.
In August 2007 NME reported that Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner and lead singer of then newly formed The Rascals, Miles Kane would be recording an album with James Ford producing and playing drums.[1] Turner & Kane became friends when Kane's previous band The Little Flames played support for Arctic Monkeys on their May/June 2005 UK tour.
On 20 February 2008, the duo revealed they would be known as The Last Shadow Puppets and that their album would be titled The Age of the Understatement to be released on 21 April 2008. The album went straight to number one in the UK Albums Chart. The first single, "The Age of the Understatement" was released the week before on April 14


Ok for people who like to party its is impossible to hang out with your friends to hit a bar and dont drink or go to the bar the bartender says "WE DONT SELL ALCOHOL HERE" Imagine that, i would die haha.
Well anyway, the world is going crazy and crazy , so there is people for pretty much everything, entreprenuers have to fill gaps with new businesses to cover new niches of market. This bar pretty much only sells flavoured water. This strategy is the type of push marketing , where you take you product to the last point of purchase , forcing the consumer purchase your product


Yep i know im late with this one but i dont care.I just needed to post it . Clearly Diesel brand is one of most creative ones in terms of advertising.Their campaigns have become iconic in this business where the best idea wins. Ok well, this time Diesel is celebrating their 10 anniversarie, so they are launching a great party in more than 15 cities around the world. The thematic is Diesel XXX. The TV´c really get the core idea of the theme. Check it out , pretty funny and creative

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Lego has came up with a lot of merchandise over the time. This time they are lauching motorcycles. To be honestly i think its pretty funny to ride your lego bike. Imagine that you meet a hot girl in a club or something, next thing you do is inviting her on a date saying "C´mon i´ll pick up in your house in bike", girls of course love bike´s , so she is gonna be more than happy. At the moment when you pick her up, you show up with your Lego bike. hahahah. Hillarious, so funny, dont you think???


I wanted to give a following up to the last post. Something related with Second Life, so i found this marketing group so crazy that i wanted to show it to you.
Crayon is a new start up from a bunch of great guys who want to create new trends in marketing and incorporate them to the web. The "new marketing" , its a very good expression of where this crazy world is going , it make sense, more and more we spent our times online ; working, creating projects, networking, sharing info , etc.

The best part of Crayon is that their offices are around the world and in Second Life, yes ladies and gentleman in FUCKING SECOND LIFE.They opened their office there, and they threw a party which you can see the pics of their office.Skype installed,they meet, talk, develop new projects online. I like the idea of setting up an office in this platform, plus is great you can see the photos of your virtual agency.
So many businesses have opened lately in SL, but Crayon is something way different. Its the first marketing group in the platform of SL. Plus , it will not surprise this agency will do marketing strategies with the firms inside of SL. Differentiation is must nowadays, is the way of doing the things different and catch the attention of the market.
This agency is pretty crazy but it think in a near future will be really succesful cause the there is a huge potential market under this platform. I leave you the photos of the CRAYON


This fucking world is changing so fast that Im not seeing it coming! So many changes have become , some of them pros some of the cons. The fact is that everything is going so fast that no one has the time to realize it. Internet has given so many opportunities in terms of communications, businesses, content and information. According to the New York Times in 2020 most of the businesses are going to be through internet and i don't really have a doubt about it.

For example what can we say about SECOND LIFE, its a fucking surreal world , its not something tangible you can feel, taste or touch, its just a bunch of characters creating a different world simulating a perfect world.If you dont think this platform is working among the online users , take a look :

A robust virtual economy has blossomed on SecondLife as well. At least three thousand users make at least $20,000 per year on SecondLife, selling everything from clothes to body parts to real estate. The economy of SecondLife has been estimated to be $64 million per year. Real world businesses are sniffing around the service as well. Wells Fargo, for example, has created its own branded island in Second Life.

SecondLife puts current statistics right up on the home page (stats as on 1:30 pm on Sunday October 22 are to left). Nearly half a million users have logged on in the last 60 days, and $441,948 has been spent in the last 24 hours.
With all of this real money floating around the SecondLife economy, look for more businesses to set up shop. And look for other companies to be selling advice to these new businesses.


As you all know Cansei de ser sexy(CSS) came to Mexico Shitty and rock the night with their unique Brazilian touch. It was great i really had a good time during the concert and they also had a really kick ass performance on their show. I wanted to show you the set list they play

Jager Yoga
Meeting Paris Hilton
This Month, Day 10
Left Behind
Off the Hook
Rat is Dead (Rage)
Music is My Hot, Hot Sex
Let’s Reggae All Night
Air Painter
Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above


What is the importance of defining a core objective of what your design will communicate, the answer is a lot!!!!!
Look at this design for organizations, its just amazing how the graphic designer mest it up in these ones.Instead of giving a good impression to consumers, the design just make you laugh. If i were the client , i will ask for my money back.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Marketers are always reaching for certain spots to put their brands. We have seen so many sport we have never imagine to see a brand. This time in a really clever strategy, One brand of sausages create a foosball field with their sausages as a players and the field is like a simulate grill that burns. Imagine that!
I think it will be a good strategy for snicker brands, imagine to put like a shoes in the players of foosbal.That will be really good in terms of attribute and functionality. Plus , no one else have done it before and thats what it´s all about


From the most chaotic city in the world Mexico City to Norway,Urban Art is a term that dont believe in boundaries. The last century has gained so much popularity.It was used mainly by the art establishment to encompass art and artists who were originally involved in street and graffiti art. The term achieved further endorsement when major auction houses such as Bonhams used it to categorise these types of prints.

Artists associated with the Urban Art genre, include Keith Haring, Banksy, Dan Baldwin,Madres, D*Face and Pure Evil. The movement began life as an ephemeral art form disappearing as fast as it appeared. Now many of the works that were created with spray-paint and stencils and began life as street graffiti are being transferred to canvas and limited edition prints, completing its transition from underground subculture to mainstream art movement.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Lingerie is one of the best creations of human kind. Mainly the girls go crazy when it comes to speak of lingerie, and man just dream with a hot girl wearing sexy lingerie. We have seen so many good advertising for lingerie brands such as Wonder Bra and Victoria Secrets. In this case I´m showing you a really good advertising for lingerie for your feet. Yes you heard well, lingerie for your feet. The type of advertise is mainly focus in the sense of humor, plus a really good art direction.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The eye of the camera capture certain moments in life that you can keep in your mind forever.The photographer only need to be in the right place and in the right moment to get that big shot. For Enrique Metinides its its mandatory to be in right place, thats the way of their photos works. To get one shot of that single moment that dont happen to often.
The victims of traffic accidents , electricity murders, thefts , are some of the main characters of the shocking images of this Mexican Photographer. Now a days the pics are exhibit in many museums around Latin America .Metinides had his debut in EU this year in the BLUM&POE at Los Angeles.


When you have an organization that provides a service or a product it`s not mandatory to have an Ad Agency in order to promote something. So many times you can elaborate your own advertising if you know what your target wants. This is a clear example of it, advertising is build it up into one big idea, it depends in what you want to communicate and in which form. The thing i always say its that is not mandatory to have like a million bucks to impact a huge audience. What you only need is a big idea and good way to transmit it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You had a really hard day at work and the only thing you want to do is to have a few drink and see the your wife to have a good nite kiss. So, you stop by in the nearest store on your way home to grap a six pack of beers and share one with your love of live.. For your surprise when you get to your room you see your wife giving a head to another man. What would you do?. Heineken says fuck it and drink the beer instead of killing you wife and cut the guy`s balls. Pretty funny commercial to be honestly , i think i`ve never seen this kind of story in a TVC. It really communicate the preference of the beers over everything circumstance

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Why everyone is talking about Dr Alderete, and who the hell is he? Well Jorge Alderete is a young illustrator and designer in Visual Communication. His roots are originally from Argentina and graduated from la Facultad de Bellas Artes UNLP.
He has been living and working in Mexico City since a few years ago. Basically he is a pop illustrator , his unique style is mainly influenced by the North American underground and retro trends. Most of his recent work had focused in pieces like Lucha Libre(Traditional Wrestling)


Brian Ulrich was born 1971 in Northport, NY. His photographs portraying contemporary consumer culture reside in major museum collections such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography.
Ulrich lives and works in Chicago and in addition to teaching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Columbia College, he curates exhibitions, and is an active member of a community of young photographers and artists both local and global through his website and blog. This spirit of community building extends to an active lecturing schedule, appearing in the last 6 months at the Aperture Foundation; the Museum of Contemporary Art La Jolla; St. Edwards University; the School of Visual Arts; Mississippi State University; Youngstown State University; the University of Illinois; the San Francisco Art Institute; and the Society for Photographic Education National Conference in Miami.


In Rich and Famous by Daniela Rosell, it offers a portrait of a Mexican high class in a deep sea of poor Mexico. This pics im showing you , are part of a really kick ass book that shows the low class of mexicans who work in cleaning services and serving to rich people. The cover of this book is very interesting and let the viewer stick for a while seeing it. It appears a really poor girl wearing a pink mistress dress in a kind of seducing pose.


Mini Cooper is one of my favorite cars, i really like the personality that ad agencies had built across the time. Its just something funny to play with. For Creative Directors must be really funny to take that account. This time , in order to launch "World biggest Mini Cooper" The mini club man, they create a teaser campaign playing with the stuff of making things bigger.


To celebrate the 20th anniversaries of the Chucky`s Film " The diabolic Toy" , Century Fox launch a special DVD about this character. In order to promote this action, they did a guerrilla strategy with tons of Chuckys walking across Broadway in New York. The human toys were interacting with regular persons, in fact they where taking pictures with their fans.The launcing will name "Child's Play, Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition".

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It was obvious in some point Myspace launch a digital store. Everyone is trying to take advantage over the music net industry, why myspace wouldnt it?
Myspace is taking approach of e-commerce, the top executives announced their new project , their own store of music. This is going to be very exciting to see, imagine the knockout competence with Itunes Store and Amazon , this new alternative will come out at the end of September and it will have as a social partners as Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner. Their strategy is to take control over the music industry , the supply will offer ring tones, downloads,videos,music in streaming and tickets to concerts.
Right now everyone is focusing in building communities and Myspace is not getting behind, the service will offer the opportunity to build music communities and share mp3`s through a catalog of free music(like Last.fm)


Apple presented this morning in San Francisco a new line for Ipods in all of their models, beginning with Ipod Classic which will offer more capacity from 80 to 120 gb for $249 dlls
The new Ipod nano comes back to the regular format which reminds of to the second generation but with a new platform. Beginning with a larger screen to see fullscreen booklets.Very similar of what we can do in the ipod touch . The new ipod nano has a battery that can handle more than 24 hours of music and 4 of video.


Science World British Columbia is a non-profit organization which engages British Columbians in science and inspires future science and technology leadership throughout our province.
In fact when I was studying abroad in Vancouver i had the chance to visit the last exhibition "Human Body" , it was pretty amazing to be honestly. The whole Science world is really amazing how they explain scientific things so easily to understand , plus the explanation is through comic things.
Under the selling line "We can explain" , the advertising agency developed several ambient installations around British Columbia. The concept is one of those Big Ideas you can exploit and generate several media installations. The ad agency certainly did that!


Lets face it , the world is changing an so do the businesses. In an industry like advertising where the ideas become the most important thing, its mandatory to keep innovating and be aware of what the people is doing around the world. In the last 5 year we have seen so many new media in advertising, some people create new media and others just recycle that idea and adapt it to their BIG IDEA!
A sewer is common media advertiser use to expose advertising in the streets. But i this case ORBIT showed pretty well a core attribute of their product through a sewer. Plus the cartoon is really funny and catch your attention. I hope you like it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Fernandez is a spanish illustator and graphic designer that is becoming really huge in advertising. Now she moved to the beatiful British columbia where her list of clients range from advertising agencies like DDB, McCann Erickson, JWT and Grey to superbrands such as Coca Cola, Nokia and Camel. If you take a closer look to their graphics it will ring a bell inmeadiatly because he has work also for brands like Coca Cola and Nokia


Neon Neon is a collaborative project from producer Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys, who is best known as the frontman for Welsh rock band Super Furry Animals. They began work on the project in October 2006 originally under the moniker Delorean . In March 2008 the duo, by now calling themselves Neon Neon, released a full-length album entitled Stainless Style to generally positive reviews and earned a nomination for the 2008 Mercury Music Prize


We have mentioned before in this blog this high-class artist. This time he is commemorating the three-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with some of their work in the streets. This artist has chosen ruins of the lower ninth ward in New Orleans
Said Banksy of the operation, “Three years after Katrina I wanted to make a statement about the state of the clean-up operation,” and attested that the city’s levee wall offered “the best painting surface in