Thursday, February 28, 2008


I wanted to highlight this marketing strategy in Venezuela because i think this pictures shows so many thing that are happening in advertising right now. First, it explains that every single place, is available for advertising purposes. For the people who live here in Latin America , you are immediately going to notice that this type of houses(normally with poor people)are small houses pretty tight that normally are located in mountains. This place is exactly a mountain in Caracas and is exactly outside of a tunnel that has a lot of transit, so sauce Maggy took this to approach and expose his brand in this type of houses. Second, we see here in Mexico a lot of brands that expose their brands in several houses , but i've never seen a group of houses together advertising a brand. Without a doubt its pretty creative this strategy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We all know the huge success that EdBanger has made in the last year, introducing amazing artist, incredible design of the music label and all the merchandising of bands like justice and chromeo. The impressive thing is how they make profit with the shirts of justice . The items had become so famous and fashionable that so many artists want these shirts, in fact the price ( 100 dlls) is too expensive for a shirt like that. I know that the design is innovative and so particular , but c'mon we are taking about a shirt.
Anyway , i wanted to highlight this shirt because i knew that the intelligent crew of this record label were going to come up with new shirt. This year its time of Sebastian t shirt another formant member of the Ed banger crew . The design of this artist for their music was this typical face on it, i like the design of the face , its pretty emblematic and fashionable.
As all of the merchandising of Ed Banger , its available through COLETTE store in the middle of Paris or if you cant make it all the way to paris you can buy it in for the minimum amount of (80 euros)

Monday, February 25, 2008


Everyone is talking about how China is doing amazing things in terms of business and advertising, i really think they are!. But, i will put more attention to the things that are happening in India. This is a perfect example of how a big idea can make the things happen. In this case Ogilvy & Matter developed a strategy to increase the awareness of a theatre festival with just a inexpensive strategy can get directly to the goal of the advertising plan.
In advertising sometimes is not mandatory to spend like 10000 dlls in order to create awareness. Advertising need and depend of a good idea that can be developed in every single situation and creative program.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The logo of the band Rolling Stones is one of the most representative icons in the rock world, when people see this logo immediately reminds the name of the band. But there is a lot of rumors about who made the this famous logo, so many people affirm Andy Warhol made it!. Of course , people associate this logo with this brilliant pop artist for the kind of style the logo has on it. But the real truth is that other great designer made it. Here it is the whole story
One of the (if not THE) most-recognized band logos in the rock era, John Pasche’s “Tongue and Lips” design was first introduced to fans in 1971 as part of a record package that, according to a decree by VH1 in 2003, was the “#1 Greatest Album Cover” of all time. It is included in every book/article that chronicle the “best-and-most-influential album covers” as it was also a seminal (and quite controversial) work by artist Andy Warhol, featuring a Warhol photograph of a man (from the waist down) in tight jeans, the zipper of which was fully-functional.

In the words of designer, John Pasche

The design concept for the Tongue was to represent the band’s anti-authoritarian attitude, Mick’s mouth and the obvious sexual connotations. I designed it in such a way that it was easily reproduced and in a style which I thought could stand the test of time. The first use of the logo was the inner sleeve for the Sticky Fingers album. The outer sleeve was designed by Andy Warhol, hence the mix-up with the credits (Ed. Note – many have attributed the logo design to Warhol, so we’re happy to clarify this here today!). The logo was not fully registered in all countries and a German jeans company registered the logo in Germany for their own products. This situation - and the fact that the tongue was getting used by unauthorized manufacturers of badges and t-shirts - prompted the proper registration and a merchandising agreement with myself to capitalize on the success of the logo.

The simplicity of the design lent itself to many variations which were done by other designers and not myself. Due to it’s immediate popularity, the Stones kept with it over the years and I believe that it represents one of the strongest and most recognizable logos worldwide. And of course I’m proud of that. The Stones ultimately bought the copyright but I still own the hand drawn & painted artwork which, by the way, is now on sale for £200,000.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This print ads by McCann Erickson, Warsaw, Poland have been running all over internet. For some websites its a topic of discussion between how the art director turn the things into marvelous graphics. In this blog we are going to discuss in a rational way. I am not saying that this prints are bad, the art work is just wonderful , i like tones in white an blue, and the idea i think it goes deep into the insights of the consumers. Just one thing who the hell told to this guy that the copy was good " Not for everybody" What is that ! Isn't suppose to be more simple and understandable "Not for everyone "
Another thing that i dont get, the idea is pretty clever and its out of the box thinking but the action that the girl is puking music wont miss-understand the audience and will relate it with another kind of music like metal or hard core rock?
So what is the core purpose here, just to show some good art work or to send a concrete message to the audience tha will get it right??

Sunday, February 10, 2008


You are setting yourself on friday night to go with your friends to a nice party and hear some good music, then you are having a couple of cocktails to start to get in the mood and suddenly you realize which music is the dj playing. Tunes that make you twist your shoes and start to shake your ass like nothing matter in the world between you and the music. Most of times that kind of music comes from a great record label based in Paris. The name of the underground and prestigious label is KITSUNE , created in 2002. It is part of the Kitsuné Fashion Label created by Gildas Loaëc (Roulé), Patrick Lacey, Masaya Kuroki, Benjamin Reichen, Kajsa Ståhl and Maki Suzuki. A long time ago i introduce you to Ed banger, but KITSUNE seems be taking the things to another label. It has now, 5 compilations so far, djs all around the world plays their songs because its just amazing the selection of good musicians going from all genres of music like electronic, pop, indie and . They are opening a new store in Paris with merchandising of all kinds like music, vinyl , clothes and other stuff. Here it is some of the most representative artists that KITSUNe has ; DIGITALISM,THE CAZALS, SHINICHI OSAWA,BOYS NOIZE, HOT CHIP, KLAXONS, VAN SHE, LOST VALENTINOS,WOLFMOTHER, VHS OR BETA,THE WHIP, THIEVES LIKE US,THE GOSSIP, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO,THE WHIP, ETC.........
You really have to check this music because is going to take to another planet


The Equinox campaign was developed at Fallon, Minneapolis by executive creative director Al Kelly, group creative director/art director Hans Hansen, group creative director/copywriter Eric Sorenson, creative director Mike GIbbs, art director Daniel Burke, copywriter Roberto Lastra, with fashion photographer and director Ellen von Unwerth.
The latest in buzzworthy ads is the new Equinox Fitness ad campaign, “Happily Ever.” One image features a group of nuns (one revealing a sexy garter!) sketching a still life portrait of a very chiseled, naked model who looks much like Michelangelo’s David. Judging by their facial expressions, they’re quite amused by the features of their manly muse.

What does Equinox have to say?
“Our ad campaigns are based on personal motivation and fantasy and throughout history the body has been considered a form of art.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We all love wonder bra print ads for the sense of humor that ad agencies play with. This time the print run from the part of Publicis, France. I like the way they used the sons in the ads. Some people might think why this kind of products like bras , the advertising is strictly directly to men. Well figure out dude, when you watch this kind of ads your blood run faster through your body and your girlfriend notice that, so right away go to first wonder bra boutique to buy one of those that make your blood run like that

Friday, February 1, 2008


This is a long weekend here in mexico city and i wanted to post something pretty particular to check out for this weekend. Now a days functional advertising is a normal thing you can see in the street and say oh its good!, but creative and innovative advertising is a must to create a different appearance for both brand and organization. This time the School of Visual Arts, New York, USA developed this twisted billboard for Six Flags . I think they are just great , when i saw them i couldnt believe the way they highlight the attribute of fun in the billboard. Perfect example of who you have to play with the attributes of the brand.