Monday, April 28, 2008


So many cool photographers had merge from this new hype movement of artist. Some of them pretty surreal and some of them down to earth type of thing. This time im introducing the responsible of making look art as a new expression of unbelievable . This young artist Li Wei from beijing have become very famous for the unique style of catching attention with his FALLS , series which show the artist with his head and chest embedded into the ground. So many people asked themselves how in the hell this guy produce the photographies. His work its a clear example of innovation and creativity. Li Wei declare that the pics are not the result of a computer montages .

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The term point of purchase usually refers to the industry concerned with customer behavior at the location of the purchase decision. POP is considered one of the most important aspects of advertising and merchandising. It is believed that the most critical time to influence buyer behavior is when they have money in hand.
Points of purchase displays (or POP displays) include merchandising of all sorts, including kiosks, cardboard cutouts, signage, and end caps. Digital signage is being used more and more for pop displays due to its unique ability to seize attention at the critical time. With interactive features and sensors, digital signage can deliver messaging increasingly tailored for the immediate audience.
How many times we have seen tons of vending machines in the streets, so many products tailored and available for the consumers, but what about this vending machine by Asics. To be honestly i've never seen something like this, i would come up with this idea in my life. Clearly a good example of how to push up the merchandise to the consumers. Of course the allocation of the vending machines have to come with a huge marketing research in order to put this vending machines in influence zone where the people are willing and available to purchase the tennis at the street

Friday, April 18, 2008


According to Wikipedia, DEATH is the end of the life of a biological organism. Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition.[1] Many factors can cause or contribute to an organism's death, including predation, disease, habitat destruction, senescence, malnutrition and accidents or physical injury. The principal causes of human death in developed countries are diseases related to aging.[1] Traditions and beliefs related to death are an important part of human culture, and central to many religions. In medicine, biological details and definitions of death have become increasingly complicated as technology advances. Death can be caused naturally, or sometimes by such things as violence or diseases.
Daniela Edburg represents in an ideological type of way the death , she reprents this statement through photographs. An unconventional way to catch those moments where people are already death. The people in the photographs are not clearly death is just the imagination of this creative artist. Another interesting fact is that all of pictures contain persons death for any type of massive products sucha as shampoo, nutella , etc..
Check out this pics , they are really worth it , plus the work done in terms of pixels are really good. I left you with the most recent work of this controversial artist

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I just dont have words for this installation. It goes direct to the consumers in an alternative point of purchase. The installation take place in the bathrooms at the movie place. You go to wash your hands or take lick before you get inside of the movie and suddenly you in the middle of a terror movie. Awesome installation, all of the people have been talking about this alternative use of advertising. The question is , do this strategy will have the same impact here in Mexico , I dont think so!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh Sweden, Sweden, Sweden. A first class country with a clean nice capital , good mountains to sky during the winter, a lot of cold (i mean it) and one most beautiful girls in the world. This country had brought so many things to the world, including the the best store to buy products for the house, im talking about the corporation call IKEA. If this store don't ring a bell in your head, IKEA has a wide variety of good products for the house ,plus the products are so cheap with an incredible design. IKEA its present in a lot of places in world, unfortunately its not in Mexico , but i think it will be a good idea to set up one here in Mexico city.
After a little beat of history of IKEA, im going to introduce a really good campaign for IKEA. The campaign is based in one of the monorails in Sweden, where originally the store is from. Basically what IKEA did is to decorate with furniture the whole Kobe portliner monorail . The redecorated train, which features a colorful exterior, bright upholstery and curtains, will carry passengers until May 6.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


In one fo the last post since the beginning of this blog , i posted the very first Justice t-shirts. I knew the crew from Ed banger had to come up with another merchandising for the greatest french duo. You know the classical way of look from Gaspard Augé and Xavier De Rosnay. Every time they play in a single club they have the same appereance of a dirty french guy with a good look. Well, now the fans can wear or have the same exact look. Surface in the air has just launched a limited edition of the same jacket and black pants . As i said before its limited edition , there are three type of jackets (150 pieces each of them) and two type of pants. They will be available since June in Paris and Brazil.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


We all know the huge success that Miami Ink have made in Tv. Millions of viewers support and see this program all around the world. A simple idea to cut through into television. A few years ago , Kat Born D born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Von D moved to the United States when she was four, settling in Colton, California[1] Her father René von Drachenberg is of German descent and her mother, Sylvia Galeano has Spanish-Italian roots, but were both born in Argentina[2][3]. She speaks fluent Spanish and English.
Growing up in the Inland Empire, she made her first tattoo at age 14, a logo of the rock band Misfits.[5] In early 1996, her friends asked her to pick up the machine and work on them (her first effort was a Misfits skull with a homemade rig). In 1998, she began working in her first professional shop, Sin City Tattoo. This was a great period of growth in her work and led to her eventually moving to True Tattoo for a chance to work with Clay Decker and Chris Garver. This afforded her the opportunity to live and work in Hollywood, Los Angeles.[6] While working at True Tatto, Von D met her ex-husband, Oliver Peck, and occasionally worked at his tattoo shop "Elm Street Tattoo" in Dallas, Texas.
Besides her tattoo career, Von D has also appeared in a version of HIM's music video for "Killing Loneliness". She has appeared on such shows as Tom Green's House Tonight, Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Ellen Degeneres Show.
She is also sponsored by the soda company Jones Soda [8] and has worked with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization that fights child blindness caused by vitamin deficiencies.
Kat Von D has collaborated with professional skaters Bam Margera, Chad Muska, and Mike Vallely on their new skateboard deck graphics.
Kat Von D started Musink, which is a collaboration between famous bands and tattooers alike. In February 2008 Musink opened for the first time at the Orange County fairgrounds.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Its amazing how marketers are looking for alternative ways to send a core message. New channels to distribute the message and marketers are approaching those , to create an unusual advertising campaign with different touch. In this occasion Ogilvy , one of the best advertising agencies in the world use Marketing Sensorial to increase the awareness of the brand in South Africa. They use as a tool in bus stops, red bulbs projecting a sense of heat in the cabin for winter season. This strategy match perfectly the main attribute of Tabasco Hot sauce. According the given data, 91% of the people surveyed after they were exposed to the advertisement notice the brand, plus a cut off the price of the product produce an increase of 13% of the sales in the first term of the year.


Shockvertising is the use of shocking images and/or scenes to advertise something. It is the employment in advertising or public relations of "graphic imagery and blunt slogans to highlight" a public policy issue, goods, or services. Shockvertising is a portmanteau of shocking and advertising.
advertising agencies who design these ads, it has been noted that they are no more taboo-violating than reality television, and often work to sell the product being publicized. Furthermore, not-for-profits or NGOs often need to go to the extremes of activism

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Once again another execution by another university. This time we are talking about Advertising School: Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, USA. In a difficult and risky attempt to advertise Power Gym , the students from this institution didi a very good job to crack out the idea. The exposition of this advertisement is very good for the population , they inmediatly notice the ambient, but the real question is do they will understand a normal person the ad?