Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Black Ghosts are a United Kingdom-based electronic music duo composed of Theo Keating and Simon Lord, formed in 2006. They are currently signed to Southern Fried Records in the UK and IAMSOUND Records in North America. Keating and Lord had previously been in the bands The Wiseguys and Simian, respectively. The two discovered each other through the Internet and had only physically met after they had worked on a significant amount of material together. The Black Ghosts describe their style as "perverse, personal pop music", a tendency that has its roots in both Keating and Lord's early childhood. Keating was encouraged by his mother to watch horror movies at a young age; Lord's grandmother was considered psychic.



There is people who refused to do advertsing to their product/services. to be honestly i dont know why? Advertising can give a lvereage over the competence, advertising can give you the opportunity to make a certain personality . In this case here they are some prints for a travelguide. Something very unusual to see in advertising. You can see that the creative idea really get the insight of travelers. I hope you like this pretty funny ads.


In a creative way , the ad agency showed the core attributes of the product. In ad business there is a lot of challenges , but the major challenge is to have an account which is hard to communicate. This is a pretty good example of how the creative licenses help you to make a good communication


Axe is one of favorite brand sin the world. Not because the attributes of the products, because the advertising all the personality they have been building throught the passi by. Check out those copies


I understand that it must be businesses pretty much for everything. As a matter of fact that´s what marketers and entreprenuers do, fullful niches of markets. But in this case i think they went all the way out of their minds. hahahahahah
Pretty funny to be honestly, seeing a man walking down the street in a summer day wearing a fucking bra haha.
From another part, the advetising its very bad, they are showing a straight man in the print , i dont think a straight man would wear this. It would work better if you put a gay man in the ad. Any way judge by you own


Two weekd ago , we where talking about how important the copy is in advertising. Creatives are always arguing about which is more difficult Art or Copy. I Think you have to fight which one is better or more difficult , i think it clearly complement each other, you just have to put all the pieces together. The thruth about it, is that the first thing consumer notice in an ad could be the art of it and then goes to the copy in order to explain it or justify it.
This is a print ad that exemplify exactly what im talking about

Monday, November 24, 2008


I love when a interesting BTL strategy comes up. In order to promote Korea´s highest ski resort , the advertisng agency flew an helicopter with the image of a skier. An intelligent strategy for the concept. The using of new media such as the chopper with the image wrapped is clearly a good example of new ideas. I just love it, never seen it before


Throught the passing time , there´s been a lot of advertising campaign against smokers. For the people that smoked, we know is bad when we are doing it, but we dont care tho.
When you are doing a non profit advertisign campaing to avoid some desease, somethimes you have to be pretty agressive to make that switch of behaviour as soon as posible. In this case they use 15,000 ciggarette bunts to ilustrate the billboard. I think this particular aestehtic is pretty unique, as soon as you see it, start to think about how bad smoke is.
I like it, i would like to know what you think about it

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Located in the Saint Blaise neighbourhood of Paris's 20th arrondissement, Mama Shelter has equipped each of its 172 rooms with a 24-inch Apple iMac multimedia center. Gone is the oft-seen (but rarely enjoyed) web access through TV; rather, guests can enjoy HDTV, music, radio, CDs, films, DVDs and of course Internet, all through their in-room computer. Computer monitors are also built into an oversized table in Mama Shelter's entryway, as well as into columns throughout the hotel; wifi, of course, is freely available too. Through a partnership with French tech provider DirectStreams, meanwhile, Mama Shelter offers what it calls the iBooth—also based on the iMac—giving guests the opportunity to make their mark on the hotel by taking instant pictures and seeing them distributed in the lobby and rooms.


Very particular strategy from one of my favorite agencies in the world "Crispin Porter +Bogusky". Someone drops their wallet in the streets with high traffic pedestrian area. Some person picks it up and tries to Burger King aggent , they respond it "keep it", its on the king.
Inside of the wallet there is a note from this famous character "The King" that says, cash ranging from a $1 bill to $100 bill, a gift card to Burger King, a "driver's license" featuring The King, and a map of Burger King restaurants in the area in which the wallet was dropped.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The good folks at Flud Watches just put another classic retro icon back on your wrist with the Boombox Watch. Available in both Gun Metal and Silver, this push button digital watch comes complete with slick details from the speakers to the handlebars. One quick push reveals a sharp red LCD display.


Viral marketing and viral advertising refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses. It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral marketing is a marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily. This is a perfect exaomple of how Ray Ban is doing this type of marketing, they never tell you the brand but you´ll notice it.



There is nothing sexier than a hot foxy DJ. Imagine that, scoring in a club with a super hot dj. I have seen girls spinning the vinyl pretty hard, i would say that girls who make a living as a DJ is very hot. Well for those girls who spend all night long entertaining the crowd at the dance floor, there is this dj pack for them. The ‘diamond’ turntable by scheu ananlog is designed for woman. The design combines a curvy form and frosty record holder in a very non-traditional turntable. While the main model comes in a very feminine pink, it is also available in black and wood grain.


Growing up between Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York, Laura Plansker got her start in photography as à child, taking pictures of dolls having tea parties and stuffed animals her backyard in trees from hanging. She continued her passion for photography through college receiving a BFA from The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan. She spent her fourth year studying in New york through the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art Studio Program and interning at The Polaroid 20x24 Studio. In conjunction with photography she has spent many years set decorating and constructing miniatures for both film and commercials. It i through this combination of fields that her work has developed into the detailed world of photo-dioramas. Her overwhelming desire to jump the boats at Disney Land rides and live among the animatronic puppets or to climb inside the TV set to explore the worlds of Rankin and Bass'holiday films HA ils been à great influence for creating her own à worlds magical. Laura currently lives in Los angeles and continues trying to create à photo-diorama that one day she might crawl into and never return.


Like this or you want to be more hypster. In this blog we respect every thinking in your minds but c´mon what in the hell is going on with the world, what´s up with this pseudo fashion look-at-me hypster designer? Any way i hope you guys have a free mind to rationate what your taste,style looks like.


Future Shorts is a place that gives the opportunity to young talents to get an accurate exposure of their works . The net has rapidly growing and gives and incredible awareness to those young filmakers. Future Shorts also organize different mini festivals of short films with huge sucess. They also has a channel in Youtube where every friday upload two short films. We, as surfers of the net , gives us the opportunity to see brilliant short films around the globe. As this one!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


There is a lot of people who have drawing skills. Normally these kind of people have different abilities to impress in drawings what they are thinking. Most of the people who work in ARt insde of advertisng are really kick ass with the pencil. Thats where all of the story boards begin with, just with a few a drawings that end up like a whole story board in digital. Here are some of the drawings of an incredible art director. Cheers


Taxidermy is a general term describing the many methods of reproducing a life-like three-dimensional representation of an animal for permanent display. In some cases, the actual skin (including the fur, feathers or scales) of the specimen is preserved and mounted over an artificial armature. In other cases, the specimen is reproduced completely with man-made materials.

The word "taxidermy" is derived from two ancient Greek words; taxis, meaning movement; and derma, meaning skin. Therefore, loosely translated, taxidermy means the movement of skin. This is a fairly appropriate definition as many taxidermy procedures involve removing the natural skin from the specimen, replacing this skin over an artificial body, and adjusting the skin until it appears lifelike.

Of course this is not real taxidermy, this is something to decorate your house or your work. I thought it was really fun to show these thing to you. I wish i could buy one


Imagine what will happen if your favorite cartoons turn out into humans? Characters of cartoons in real life will be pretty much like celebrities , dont you think?
Anyway i found this things in the net , i hope you like them


I really love urban art. I think is a really good way to communicate in outdoors. Of course it always comes with a meaning behind it. I wish we would have more artists like these in Mexico. The artist here in Mexico only focus mainly in traditional graffiti and stencils. Anyway, this was found in the streets in Barcelona and its called 3d graffiti


So many times we have posted a lot of cool photographers around the globe. But i think i have never post someone as dark as this one. Oleg Duryagin is a young Russian photographer which work is inspired by some terror movies. Their pictures communicate some terror and gore statements. They are a really piece of art, the combination of colors and the models are just terrorists. Enjoy


I have to be honest, since im taking this copywriter course at BBDO , i been learning so many things about copywriter. That's one of the main reason i wanted to post this old ads. If you can see this ads a little bit closer , you will notice that in that age of advertising , copywrite was the main attribute of an ad because art director didnt have too much tools to manipulate a photo. Even tho, the art of these copies are great for that time

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Santi White attended Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then went to college at Wesleyan University, where she double-majored in Music and African-American studies. The artist got her pseudonym in the 1980s from a friend's nickname for her.[2] She worked for Epic Records as an A&R representative, but left the position to write and produce How I Do, the debut album from the singer Res.

Brooklyn future pop sensation, Santogold has emerged as the 2008 musical season's new light.[8]. Working with fellow Stiffed member John Hill as co-producer, she recorded her debut album, Santogold, which was originally slated for release on Downtown Records in January 2008,[6] but was pushed back to April 2008.[9][10] The album (including its B-sides and remixes) features appearances or production work from Chuck Treece, Cliffored "Moonie" Pusey of Steel Pulse, Diplo, Freq Nasty, Naeem Juwan of Spank Rock, Radioclit, Sinden, Switch, Trouble Andrew, and XXXchange.[11] The album's first singles, "Creator" and "L.E.S. Artistes", were both well received. Rolling Stone, Spin, and BBC all named Santogold an artist to watch in 2008.[3][10][12] "Creator", along with "Lights Out",[13] has appeared in commercials for Bud Light Lime in the United States,[14][15] and VO5 hair products in the United Kingdom. Similarly, "You'll Find A Way" was featured in the EA Sports video game, FIFA 08, with "L.E.S. Artistes" featured in some versions of its sister game NHL 08 as well as in commercials for the Ford Flex. Her song "Say Aha" was featured in a Zune-Arts video.


There is no doubt Brazil is one of the biggest when it comes to Advertising. Always finding new media to communicate their messages. The importance of involve the consumer into the communication process is mandatory , because the consumer really will get the message in an original way .
For advertisers , the brand play boy is simple enjoy full to play with, there is so many ways to send the messages through the media. This is a good example of it, for the print ad, they developed a simple photoshoot of a play girl with a match on it. The consumer fire up the matches into the print. The process of involving the consumer with the ad clearly got the copy "HOT"