Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So you want a get a hot truck and the first thing you do , is to go to the car agency. Imagine that you go to mitsubishi dealer and you find a truck PAJERO dirty as hell. Impressing, huh?
This strategy was developed in India exclusive for Mitsubishi agencies. Obviously they know that the main target are men and they will be shocked at the moment of seeing the truck. The strategy take approach of the main attribute of the truck. The message clearly is" adventure, risk and emotion"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Personally im such a huge fan of fashion advertising but specially with diesel campaigns. I think they are just amazing , the sense of the themes and topics are just too shocking. It seems that the last campaign of diesel " Global warming ready" gave a lot of word of mouth, it creates such a particular controversy in the net. However, they are using the same strategy for this new one in a more futuristic way. This campaign is totally out of this world in-terms of budget and idea. The art is just amazing and the positioning is something we have never view.

The campaign brought me two questions: Wouldn't be amazing to use some kind of robots instead of humans? Do they are trying to say that diesel brand is the futuristic trend for fashion?
Anyway here it is the some prints for "Human After all"

Monday, November 26, 2007

So this is what you call a fashion show????????

So you are representing a major brand or a luxury brand and you are trying to make a fashion show that will blow the mind of your clients...... Now you have a perfect option because Villa Eugenie productions will certainly make a huge event that knock your self off. This organization is based in Brussels but operates in all major fashion and luxury centers and has a permanent office also in Miami and its not only involve to make creative fashion shows ,but staging major events for luxury business to another lever. They type of customers they have are: Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Miu Miu, Maison Martin Margiela, Lanvin, Hermès, Hugo Bosss, Sonia Rykiel, Olivier Strelli, and the Adidas-backed Y-3.


in 2007 , the main important city in Brazil decided to get a critical change in terms of advertising. São Paulo, became the first city outside of the communist world to put into effect a radical. São Paulo’s “Lei Cidade Limpa” or Clean City Law was an unexpected success, owing largely to the singular determination of the city’s conservative mayor, Gilberto Kassab.
The law came into action in order to fight against pollution water, sound and visual effect. Since this action, all of the billboards ,visual screens and advertising in bus were taken.
This is obviously not a regular law and the impact that might hit the population will be shocking. i wouldn't imagine myself living in a city with no outdoor advertising. Of course this law will force ad agencies to create or discover new channels to send their messages. Let's see how this law will work for one of the largest countries in the world.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


In one of the last post , i showed to you one part of these controversial ads for absolute.I am really into them, the creative theme is absolutely amazing. Some people are really disagree with this new campaign , but for another part a lot of people are loving them. I think the agency its trying to repositionate the brand with antoher very clever topic in mind's consumers......

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The hire-BMW undercover marketing

In 2000, after doing some research, BMW decided to find a new way to advertise their cars for the sake of advertising. They determined that their customers were, on average, middle-aged married males making $150K per year. They also determined that a majority of their customers chose what kind of a car they wanted to buy only after using the Internet. As a result of this, Jim McDowell, BMW's North American VP of marketing, came up with the idea to create a fast-paced, high-class, ultra-glossy way of showcasing their automobiles. The idea was to create a series of short films with a central, recurring character who drove a BMW and feature them on the Internet.
The movies would not be cheaply produced nor would they feel like an extended, overpriced commercial. To show that they meant business, BMW turned to Fallon Worldwide, their high-class international ad agency. Fallon, in return, hired high-priced Hollywood talent. British actor Clive Owen would star as the main character
Here are some of the best videos for this excellent marketing undercover strategy.

This one is directed by Guy Ritchie( one of the most recognized filmmakers in the world) and its interacting with his wife, that happens to be Madonna. Its a pretty funny short film. Of course BMW told the filmmakers to highlight one attribute of the car . I think Ritchie did a pretty good job showing this speed-moves of the car.

Since "Amores Perros" the first long film of Alejandro Gonsalez Iñarritu, he win a lot of popularity in the film industry. BMW realized that , and that's why they chose this filmmaker to develop a short film for them. . This one , is way different than the other one. So you can start to realize that all of the short films for "The Hire" are pretty different . Some of them are emotional as well.

If you are more interested of these short films .You can check all of them at You tube. There are 9 of them and its pretty worth it to see them .I think its a good opportunity to see something different and entertaining.


This is a memorable post because one of my best friend from Vancouver , Canada wrote this thing for the blog. I think its a pretty interesting topic with a polemic impact in the e-promotion nowadays

So did you hear about the new Radiohead album? Yeah? Shit. So maybe I’m a little late. Ok, well, have you heard about how Radiohead have decided to issue the album solely from their website, with a price of whatever you, the consumer, wants to pay. Yeah? Well, I heard that too. About five thousand times. Read a review of ‘In Rainbows,’ which is the name of the new Radiohead album if you’re a Martian, and you wade through paragraph after paragraph of bullshit intellectuals adding their unasked for opinion on Radiohead’s selling strategy. When I asked for a review.
Now I’m in the enjoyable spot of writing for a marketing website, and I want to review the album instead to put all those inept reviewers in their place. I’ll compromise, and do it backwards, and make a review you’ll likely want to skip, and then have all my genius marketing observations at the end. Sound fun?

Radiohead are genius’s, they’re godlike, they figured out the theory of relativity, they were part of the original cast of ‘Gone With the Wind.’ They’re supposedly the modern Beatles, Time magazine believes that two of their CD’s are the most important of their decades, and Q magazine ranks ‘OK Computer’ the best CD of all time. Personally, I like them. They can hop from genre to genre, instrument to instrument, and everything flows, everything is cohesive. To me, the trick about Radiohead is that they do a bit of everything well. Give the Brit Pop junkies their falsetto on “The Bends,” the guitar freaks their solos on “OK Computer,” the electronica experimentalists their new frontiers with “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” and people who love the gray area in between all these extremes “Hail to the Thief.” When friends ask me to show them music, there’s always a suitably appropriate Radiohead song.
This makes actually critiquing a Radiohead album rather hard, because some of the songs that I don’t particularly like, might be the exact songs that some fans are looking for. However, being that I have a finite word count to this review, I’ll give a try for a critique. ‘In Rainbows’ is good, that’s something I think every fan will agree on. I think it is the type of album every type of fan can appreciate, and while it might not be their favorite, it should be second ahead of those other facets of Radiohead they are not such fans of. ‘Video Tape’ is a song to walk through a rain storm with, ‘15 Step’ should be your alarm clock, ‘Nude’ is something you play in the background while having a romantic dinner with your girl friend, and ‘Reckoner’ is gorgeous, the soundtrack to a bitter sweet day, the music that you hear walking past a church and makes you want to go Lime Wire hymns.

And my unnatural reference to Lime Wire is the perfect way to have a natural segue into marketing, since, as I’m sure you know, ‘In Rainbows’ needs no Lime Wiring, its free already.
Well, Radiohead pulled off a marketing coup. ‘In Rainbows’ was referenced everywhere: CNN, BBC, Time, local newspapers, local news shows, in interviews with Hillary Clinton. It fulfilled the task of some of the best ads without spending a single dollar: it was on the tip of everyone’s tongue, and they were curious about the product.
There is a dilemma of course. When I think of the point of marketing, I think of dollar signs, and while Radiohead has been able to make a tidy chunk of money, it’s doubtful this method is sustainable. Why was this record such a big deal: because it was a novelty, a product that asks your conscience, in addition to providing a service.
An analogy of why this would not function for products en masse, is the electric signs that measure the speed of your car. The first time you see one, and you realize how fast you are going, you think about it. Having that sign in front of you, telling you the immorality you are committing, it is inescapable. However, the second time you go past the electronic speed measurer, and you realize that there is no punishment for your speed, the moralistic questions would have already been pondered and you would have no incentive to slow down. Between a service for free, and a service for money, how can money compete, and to have a product attempt to morally seduce you with every purchase will eventually deaden your moral sense.
Any band that was to follow Radiohead in this scheme would fail, I feel. The success of ‘In Rainbows’ is largely due to the huge publicity, and the publicity was due to the novelty and the novelty cannot be recreated. Worse, anyone to follow this format would be labeled copycats, and the souls of the consumer would be turned against the band, and when a band is depending on a persons moralistic approximation of a bands worth, they want the consumer as happy as possible.
What this promotion did do, which in fact might have been its point, was to ask the excellent question of where does the music industry go from here. It’s a hard question, and Radiohead has to be given high praise for showing that alternative ways exist, even if they did not discover a true alternative.

Barrett Nash

Thursday, November 15, 2007


A survey realized by ACNielses reveals that 60 % of the people end up working in another thing they wouldnt want it. This is how destiny is, fellas. Monster is the world leading network in search jobs all over the globe. Whether you're thinking about a new job, new career, a new city or a new direction... Monster helps you explore the possibilities and find the opportunities that are right for you.
Check what they did. The copy is getting the wrong job? So , they put persons with certains professions as doctors, hockey players and transit drivers doing their jobs in places that dont correspond . This campaign was developed in the streets of China. As u can see , you dont need a lot of monye to make a good campaign. The idea clearly specify what the campaign is about.
There is a lot of new way to conduct your campaing not only the conventials. More and more advertiser are seeing that the street is a new way to attack consumers and this is a total example of it. Think outside of the box

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hot Tshirts

It seems France is striking the world not only in music , also in terms of fashion. Everyone is looking for some justice t shirts for their amazing and cool design . Now im gonna present you antoher brands . They are selled in this webpage called, which is incoorporated to a french store COLETTE. This store is in the middle of Paris, has the hottest things in street wear. Its pretty good but also super expensive. So if u want to check it out , be my guest!!!!!

These last tshirts contained a particular design.I really like them , its like old fashion full of all colours. They were made by a website called that show photos of hypster and hot parties. They also make cool stickers

These last ones are a brand called SIX-PACK. As you can see the design is again like old fashion with urban features


How could a teaser would work effectively?
For those persons who dont know what a "teaser" is , well i will explain it to you. Teaser is a strategy used in advertising, commonly at the beginning of the campaign. It creates a moment uncertainty with audience , creating many questions as possible of the purpose of the campaign. Nothing is telled to the audience so , the audience will hooked up with your campaing.
Well in this case im going to present you a billboard that used kind of a teaser.

Rapala is lure organization based in Finland. The main target is the fishersman.
The billaboard was placed in Finland orginally. The idea was divided in 3 sections. At the beginning the billboard was only showing the fish with the lure on it. Then, the second part was to place a certain number of cats on the billboard . Making the allusion to the audience that the cats were trying to eat or get the fish .As the passing time, more cats were appearing in the billboard until the final section.
I think is an excellent idea. I always said that putting advertising in a physicial way is a new way to advertise a product. In this case, the ad agency used both, but the physical figures(cats) are part of a great strategy.


This is a clear example of how a simple idea with an strong message can work perfectly for your target

Excellent poster for Rexona in Vietnam. The intellectual authors of this creative idea was LOWE.
This idea its pretty simple with a huge impact. The poster is placed in different walls. It looks like its about to fall down.But when someone come to the poster and try to put it in the formal way , get a lovely surprise.
Again, as some of last post in this blog, the trend is not create normal advertising, the trend is to stipulate some interaction with the audience . Or interaction without didnt see it coming. Take them by surprise and will get a brand placement in ther heads and of course publicity with it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This November, environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in as many as 65 countries will hit the streets for a 24-hour consumer fast in celebration of the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global cultural phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

Featured in recent years by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, Wired, the BBC, USA Today, The Age and the CBC, the international event has been gaining mainstream momentum as the climate crisis drives average people to seek out greener alternatives to unrestrained consumption.

Timed to coincide with one of the busiest shopping days on the US retail calendar, as well as the unofficial start of the international holiday-shopping season, Buy Nothing Day has taken many shapes, from relaxed family outings, to free, non-commercial street parties, to politically charged public protests. Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending.

In past years, street activists have proven particularly imaginative in their celebrations, bringing zombie marches, credit-card cut-ups, and shopaholic clinics to malls and public squares in an effort to expose the environmental and social consequences of First World over-consumption.

Thus Adbusters magazine has managed to turn their annual “Buy Nothing Day” into a global phenomenon, currently celebrated in over 55 countries. The problem is that cutting back your spending, without cutting back your income does absolutely nothing to combat consumerism. Your total income gets spent, whether you like it or not. Either you spend it, or else you put it in the bank, who then loans it to someone else who will spend it. This is not an accident - total spending and total earnings in the economy always add up to the same amount, because your spending is someone else’s income, and your income is someone else’s spending. That’s because the economy is fundamentally a system of exchange. So the only way to make a dent in that is to withdraw from the economy completely, which means neither providing services nor consuming them. Yet somehow, an annual “Earn Nothing Day” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Another activities during this day include:

-Volunteers stand in a shopping mall with a pair of scissors and a sign offering a simple service: to put an end to extortionate interest rates and mounting debt with one considerate cut. Be careful though: in some first-world countries, carrying scissors in public can get you arrested as a "terrorist".

-The cheerful dead wander around malls, marveling at the blank, comatose expressions on the faces of shoppers. The zombies are happy to be among their own kind, but slightly contemptuous of those who have not yet begun to rot.

-The activity has the advantage of being most likely to piss off security personnel. You and nine of your closest friends silently drive your shopping carts around in a long, inexplicable conga line without ever actually buying anything.


Rapper Kanye West, well known for his strong, blunt opinions and trend setting style as well as his unique music, has brought yet another shocker into the game. Known to promote anything from cars to fundraisers, his latest and greatest has got to be his support for Fendi. Using his head as a billboard, the Italian company paid West 10K to etch the designers logo into his haircut. Whether or not you see him as a sell out or a truly inspirational unique individual is up to you. But I can guarantee you that Fendi’s sales will more than likely see an increase because of the massive influence West has over today’s society, young and old.

So the question is : Does any famous person is now gonna sell his head to any advertising purpose? Do this can work with a normal people?


Facebook has finally announced plans on how they will use their power to produce big money. As anticipated, the social network will implement a new ad revenue platform, called Facebook Ads, that will target the site’s 50 million members.

The company, estimated at $15 billion, will allow marketers to track what Facebook users are looking at, particularly what they are buying online. This information will allow advertisers to better tailor content to individual user interest, making the ads much more targeted.

Thought your “Favourite Books,” “Favourite Movies” and “Favourite TV Shows” on Facebook were just for your shear amusement? Not so much. It’s all part of a bigger marketing scheme to better target ads.

You’ve likely also added your gender, location, relationship status, work history, educational background and interests; likely you’ve added your age as well. You’ve helped make the research a whole lot easier for marketers.

“For the last hundred years, media has been pushed out to people, but now marketers are going to be part of the conversation,” said founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Forbes Magazine explained Facebook Ads will consist of “Social Ads,” “Targeting” and “Insights.”

“Social Ads are little ads that will be attached to news feeds. They will show up on the news feeds that users and their friends subscribe to. Advertisers can bid for the right to place their ads on the feeds used by people with the specific preferences that they want to reach,” Forbes explained.

Zuckerberg said 12 major companies have already signed on including Blockbuster, CBS, JPMorgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Sony and Verizon


This is the newest campaign for absolut . The copy relies in "Absolut World" .

I was surfing in the net so i stopped by in one of my favourite blogspot for advertising in Dubai and i found this print ads.
Its been a while since Absolut didnt show a new campaign. So i was wondering what a @#$@$ is happening with the king of the advertising. Im saying this , because i think in the beginning of the Vodka , they made one of the most unique things in advertising. Absolut did what no one couldnt do in history of advertising , selecting only prints ads showing the product in different situations or places. Plus , the product was shown in every single print. We all know the campaigns for Absolut, they were worldwide recognized for all of the people. Even the persons who didnt drink vodka , gather the print ads because they were marvellous. For people involved in marketing or advertising were delighful to see it.
Now , they are trying to positionate the vodka in another situation . The prints will shows us how could be the absolute world using anormal things.
For advertiser, it is one of the complicated things to repositionate a product and more in this case that Absolut was worldwide recognized for their ads.

A few questions come up to my mind. What are they trying to do with the brand? Whats the target they are trying to reach? Do they are only trying to raise the awareness in the audience or make them more efficient?

Of course they are shocking , and of course they are good . But i think we will always compare the old ones with this ones.


Adidas re invented themselves getting an old Volkswagon campervan for promotion purposes. The camper was used during the summer in some beaches in Brazil to promote the company's new skate shoes

“The label’s new skateboard clothing range will be marketed via this old jalopy that has been customized with prints inspired by skating legend Mark Gonzales,” reported. “The ‘Kombi’ will cruise the streets of Sao Paulo with its custom interior throughout August, before it goes on tour to promote the new range.”

Monday, November 12, 2007


Sex is always a tabu and it always will be in every single place in world. This POP came from the last statement. People buying products at BeateUhse Sex shop recieve a pair of incognito glasses for free. So they can go to the street after the purchase without being recognized. On the glasses there's a copy: "BeateUhse. The discrete Sexshop".

This idea is pretty funny and you raise the connection of your consumers. Brand loyalty its called.

My name is COCAINE!!

Yes people u didnt get it bad, this is not a joke , the name of the energy drink is COCAINE. What a great name for the drink , huh? I think this name is an excellent marketing strategy for the drink, hard in some sword of way !

Unofortantly, has been pulled from stores nationwide amid concerns about its name.
The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter last month that said Redux was illegally marketing the drink as a street drug alternative and a dietary supplement. May 4 was the deadline for the company to respond.
The spoke man said "Of course, we intended for Cocaine energy drink to be a legal alternative the same way that celibacy is an alternative to premarital sex," Ivey said. "It's not the same thing and no one thinks it is. Our product doesn't have any cocaine in it. No one thinks that it does. We think it is most likely legal in the United States to ship our product."

Attorneys general in Connecticut and Illinois recently announced that Redux had agreed to stop marketing Cocaine in those states, while a judge in Texas has halted distribution there.

To be honestly i tried the drink while i was at NY, i just try it because the name catch my attention , so i wanted to take my self a pic with it. As you can see marketing works hahah The problem was the taste , it tasted like $#@%@#%!#@%#$ but anyway


I found this article in , i think its pretty interesting to find new markets to focus.

Sure, you’ve heard of baby boomers, of Gen X and of Generation Y, but what about the youngest of consumers: GENERATION Z? Comprised of youngsters born after 1 April 2006, GENERATION Z is both the most promising and the most ignored target audience in developed consumer societies. Even dedicated youth-marketing agencies prefer to focus on the (by now tired) 3–5 year old demographic (also known as GEN Y+), as their spending power, brand loyalty and influence on household’s purchasing decisions is roughly five times that of GENERATION Z. But don’t kid yourself: GENERATION Z is a marketer’s wildest fantasy waiting to happen.

First of all, no generation in the history of mankind can be made to embrace brands with such eagerness by exposing them to specific brand benefits. Consider this research nugget: a Swiss study has found that when sufficiently exposed to child-friendly brand jingles, tunes and spoken messages during pregnancy, up to 77% of all newborns not only recognize these brand markers, but develop a brand preference that could last until puberty, and probably into adulthood (final results are not yet available as the project only started two years ago). Furthermore, an astounding 23% of infant participants could indicate at least 9 out of 12 favorite brands using rudimentary hand signals. It's this kind of insightful research that inspired design company Atypyk to come up with an educational brand puzzle for 8-month olds. Who said innovation is dead?

Secondly, no other generation is as well-positioned to make the most of Web 3.0, 4.0 and even 5.0. Case in point: Belgian Foops!, the first social networking site for GENERATION Z. It has already signed up more than 12,000 members (both born and unborn), even though it’s still in private beta mode. On Foops! parents can place pictures or sonograms on behalf of their offspring, and assist tiny members in filling out their profiles (including favored brands for diapers, toys and apparel), after which they gain access to virtual playpens where members communicate, poke and twitter via visuals and symbols. Each playpen is extensively sponsored by multinationals, some of which have plunked down more than EUR 1 million (approximately USD 1.45 million) for the privilege to interact with infants 24/7.

Foops! is in the process of hiring up to 40 bilingual marketing specialists, who will closely monitor the symbiosis of these 'conversations' and the site's abundant sponsored content and ads. With Facebook recently valued at a cool USD 15 billion, experts expect Foops! to be worth at least EUR 365 million (approximately USD 530 million) before Q1 2008, if growth continues to soar in the next six months.

And yet, a March 2007 survey among more than 3,000 marketing directors in Spain, Canada, South Africa, France, Turkey, South Korea, Sweden, Argentina, Singapore, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand revealed that a mere 4% (!) of them is actively advertising to GENERATION Z. Even more alarming, 87% of all respondents indicated that although they are very interested in diverting significant portions of their advertising budgets to target unborn children and 1 year olds, they have no clue where to begin.

Sounds like an amazing opportunity to (at least!) start the first dedicated GENERATION Z ad agency. Or team up with sites like Foops! to get close to your youngest audiences. Or launch a local version if you reside outside Belgium. In 2008, ignore GENERATION Z at your own peril


In one of the last post i showed to you the very first campaign of Oliveiro Toscani. I though the social marketing campaign for Benneton was the only that Toscani did. But , for my soprise, i was surfing in the net a few hours ago and i found this controversial campaign made it by him. This time the campaign is focus in an italian brand of clothes. The positioning clearly speaks by him self. As u can see the advertiser its trying to catch the attention of the audience through the gay aesthetic
In my personal oinion , Toscani its an advertiser unique, cause he with just photos can transmit you a strong message that put you thinking about it.
One of my questions for this positioning is the nex one: Do they are only trying to positionate the brand gay people ? or They are just trying to hook up a general audience through the use controversy?

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Aussie Billboards

This will work definetly for Mexico Shitty in Periferico( Is one of the main venues in Mexico which is always full of cars and traffic, when i saw always i am not kidding) So, this is a perfect example of a new trend for an ad because it creates a a link between the ad and audience. You force the target to interact with the ad for a certain time. Brilliant.

Monday, November 5, 2007


Oliviero Toscani (b. 1942) is an Italian photographer, best-known worldwide for designing controversial advertising campaigns for Italian brand Benetton, from 1982 to 2000. Most of these advertising campaigns were actually institutionals for the brand, always composed of rather controversial photography, usually with only the company logo "United Colors of Benetton" as caption

One of his most famous campaigns included a photo (by Therese Frare) of a man dying of AIDS, lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by his grieving relatives. That picture was controversial due to its similarity to a pieta painting. Others include allusions to racism and controversial topics.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


In one of the last post, i showed to you some ads showing that sex can really catch your attention. For some reason(im not a pervert) i like the use of sex in ads. Of course, it has to follow the objectives or the positioning in the campaing. But i really believe that a good use of sex appeal in ad, can really catch your attention. Thats one of the main reasons, i wanted to show you this campaign for Corona. This campaign is totally different from the last ones Corona was using . This ads were developed in Japan.