Thursday, July 31, 2008


How agressive does your creative idea has to be in order to get a deep impact?
It depend tho, depends in the way you want to communicate with the audience. For some topics is better to create a concience with your target. I really believe social marketing is one a hell of an effort. Its one of the most difficult things to communicate because you not are talking to consumer or attrack more people into the buying proces. What you are doing is create a concience in order to develop a better world, fighting against deseases, stopping the global warming . Whether the topic you are talking is better to get a deep research in the topic, that will give you more material to develop a whole advertising strategy.

As i was saying before, social advertising its really difficult to crack out, but i think these two prints really communicate in an agressive way the message. Clearly they are saying , if you fuck with a person who has HIV , you are fucking with a horrible animal like a scorpion . The prints really stick you for a while, i really respect the creative that choose that kind of advertising.

WE DO WHAT WE WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ad Agencies try to create a personality of a brand based in a Creative Brief. Client is the person in charge of reviewing this Brief and recall some changes according to the brand`s goals. Most of the times the changes that suffer the brief is unbelivable , the client somethimes dont even know what they want. As you can see, there is a lot of restrictions that client call in the creative ideas. But what happen when the client know exactly what they want and communicate that idea to the Ad Agency, a clever idea take off . Well fellas that dont happen a lot in this kind of business but there is times when it happen, like this example im showing you. Cartoon Network is a channel that produce and broadcast programs for tweens. They wanted to get a refresh of the channel through creative advertising. The ad agency came up with the idea of doing something different , something fresh and irreverent. The creatives came up with copy of " We do what we want" and thats exactly they communicate in their TVc`s. Innovative idea that transmit only one thing, irreverency!

To be completly honest, you dont see this kind of freedom in advertising, its just amazing the creative idea and the production . I hope you enjoy them

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Im going to post often new bands in the scene that are taking off. This time is for what is called " The band that will brought back Disco Music! Yes ladies and gentleman, you heard well DISCO MUSIC. I know there is not a lot of people who like Disco. But c`mon you have to listen this guys. To begin with , the style of every band member its absolutly catchy, plus the art of the band is so hype and the music just make you go to a dance floor and shine your shoes at it.
Hercules and Love Affair is a musical project from New York based DJ Andy Butler. Members include Nomi, Kim Ann Foxman and Antony Hegarty (lead vocalist in Antony & The Johnsons). It is signed to DFA Records. Their single "Blind" was released on 3 March, 2008, and their debut album (produced by Butler and Tim Goldsworthy) was released on 10 March. Their self-titled album has been critically well-received and charted in the top 40 in several countries. I leave you with this promising band and their new single that is hitting every hot club around the globe.


Rubiks is an old toy brand that in the 80`s was really hard into the Us Market.Not that many people remember this brand of toys here in Mexico because they never make it all the way here. Plus , with the entrance at the early 90`s of Toy "R" us , the brand Rubiks almost dissapear in the market.Now they are tryingo to come back with new popular toys like sudoku,chess , etc...
For this new communication line, the brand wanted to highlight that they been in the market 25 years and they will stay more. The ad agency clearly knew how to play with this statement. One of the main questions that pop up into the Creatives Heads was , How can you comunicate in a creative way the heritage of brand? Well they really crack up this idea. They focused in one idea , How do the kids that used to play with these toys will look like , if they never give up chilhood. You will see, the ads are just hillarious , the sense of humour is pretty clever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Since like 1 year i wanted to post something related with music! Who dont love music, is an state that can flip out your sense of humor in seconds.Specially with good music, your heartbeat goes faster and faster until you get an state that everything is perfect. Thats one of the main reasons i wanted to show you one of my favourite bands right now. They are call Midnight Juggernauts, originally from are a Melbourne based band. The best part of this dudes its that they are like a normal band but they sound like thousand horses running all over a field.
Rolling Stone said they were as "David Bowie if his Berlin Trilogy was a collaboration with Kraftwerk and Faust." The people involved are Vincent Vendetta, Andy Juggernaut and Daniel Stricker. They were personally invited by French act Justice to tour North America with them in late 2007 leaving their mark at the CMJ music festival , later playing with !!!, Holy Fuck, Crystal Castles, Klaxons and label mate Surkin across the UK and Europe. Their debut album, Dystopia, was released in Australia in late 2007, with an international release with additional material to follow in April and May of 2008. I leave you guys with this amazing song called !Shadows!. The video was shotted a few months ago and the thematic goes pretty well with the lyrics of the songs.


In the last post i showed to you the Tvc's for the Absolut Campaign. They chose one public figure to represent the creative idea of the campaign. Kanye West is a really good rapper with high class that is giving a different approach to the brand.
The use of public figures in advertising has to match the core goal of the advertising campaign. This time they are using this fancy rapper to connect right in the bottom with the audience. This is a really clever move for Absolut. I hope they really keep going with this whole concept "In an absolut world"

Saturday, July 26, 2008


In one of the last posts I've mentioned some of the work of the newest campaign for Absolut the copy is IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD.They just released the print campaign , but this time they shot a TVC using Kanye West. Also this hip hop artist work in the idea of the commercial. I think its great to asociate a brand to an artist
I just have no word for this commercial ,check it out

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Very clever print ads! As you can see the way of Creatives playing both meanings really work well. The ad make you stop for a second and think whats behind it. The knowledge of how to allocate the items and the way of how Creatives associate produce an incredible result.

In anothe words , this type of ads are not coincidence , the creative team do it on purpose.Most of the times this is an excellent way of producing word of mouth type of advertising. Creatives reach a way of combining items and give them a new hole purpose. I leave you with this two pieces. Hope you like them

Monday, July 14, 2008


hi everybody , it`s been a while with out posting something. Im very proud of saying you i have a really demanding job in advertising. Im working for BBDO in my country Mexico so i dont have time for pretty much nothing but i promise i will be bringing you clever advertising than ever. I was looking in the net for innovative advertising , so i found this clear example of how advertising can work effectiely with technology. Macdonals wanted to promote the daily fresh eggs at the breakfast service. So Leo Burnett in chicago came with the idea of develop an outdoor that change across the time communicating the core objetive of the dispositive. ITs pretty simple the egg end up open at 6:00 am to 10:30 am where the time of break fast ends. As you can see the time line in advertising can set up the determination fo a campaign. Thats why you have to come up always with a time table where you set up dead lines