Tuesday, May 27, 2008


How many people dont like Tarantino Movies? C'mon he is one of a hell of a director. No one can beat the new trends in movies that Tarantino make. Since the beginning of his career , he has influenced so many young directors. In my personal opinion Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies every because the movie brought out to scene to many actors that now are like the trend in Hollywood such as Bruce Willis and John Travolta. Another part i really respect of the master of Tarantino is that he take the risk of doing alternative marketing to his movies. One clear example is the several strategies around world to promote Kill Bill. But now im bringing another cool ambient for his movie Kill Bill. The difference is that this time the strategy is not to promote the movie in theaters, this is a strategy made by Saatchi & Saatchi to TV2(regional channel). I like the fact of taking the risk of producing a different ambient, i have no doubt this strategy will make the right function of advertising. I like the idea of the blood, it will really dig into the people crossing by. Sometimes for this kind of movies , your agency has to come up with some innovative and this is a perfect example of it.


Latin America , oh my dear America. Place where to many backpackers for a cheap price get a nice trip covering places like Mexico, Colombia, Brasil and ARGENTINA. Yes ladies and gentleman Argentina, one of the most beautiful places in South America, place where the grass is green and girls are pretty. Also, this country is considered one of the best places to make advertising. So many prestigious Argentinian advertisers have maded in this world where ideas are the clue of the business. These prints ads where made it by the giant of the ad agencies McCann Erickson. The copy of the advertisement is just "You book your ticket in Spanish, you buy your ticket in Spanish, you do the check-in in Spanish. The cab driver is your problem". I find very clever that they highlight the benefit of American Airlines to do all the process of getting an airline ticket in Spanish. Plus the idea of getting several cab drivers that dont speak your own language is brilliant. In addition, this statement its pretty true and you are not gonna let me lie about it, how many times we have made it all the way to another country where they dont speak our language and you have problems with the cab driver at the airport. The work its just brilliant from toe to head!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I dont even know where i got this campaign, thrust me dont ask. The thing i really know its that this print ads are just extraordinary good. To begin with, the art work into this print it must be done by a really good art director. The combination of colours and the highlights are amazing. Also , i think its pretty funny to use porno dolls damage to create a message of what a bad job will look like. These prints clearly talk by themselves.As i said before i dont where this campaign come from, i guess its somewhere in europe.


Everyone is pointing out the things that are related with China, does this fast growing Country will take the world in their feet?. Good question!. Instead , i will take a look of what is happening in India. To highlight a good example of it, im bringing this low budget campaign made by Mindset Advertising in the streets of this hard working country. I think its a good use of the ambient, just making an allusion of the sing traffic into a yoga advertising. I have seen many advertising campaigns for yoga classes, i think this is the best one so far!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So you are reaching for a nice pub to take some lads or a hot club to go and shake your ass all night long at Mexico City.The place to go and have fun with your friends its a neighborhood called CONDESA. This is a place that the population mainly is from the outside including Asians, Latins , Europeans etc. Also it has several trendy shops to buy a nice kicks and some hype t shirts. I just wanted to highlight this background so you can see why this two great urban artist chose this neighborhood to release their art. SAM FLORES AND SANER which stayed several days under the sun and rain at Condesa, ended this piece of art at the Mercado de la Condesa( Condesa Market) with the purpose of attract juveniles to the old school markets in Mexico. This urban project was directed by ADIDAS, Elaboratorio and Delegacion Cuathemoc.These artists commented they are pretty strict when a brand ask them to do something, the selection of the brand from the part of artist has to be with a non profit purpose.

I just feel very proud of urban art in the streets of where i live, hopefully more artist combined several efforts to create an urban culture in many places around the city, plus it gives a different environment for the people when are crossing by


Fresh stuff for a new minds, that's what is all about this blog fellas. This time im bringing this new media buildings based in the middle of Hong Kong. The responsible for the design of the cyber building is James Law Cybertecture International Ltd.
Technology in every single thing we use now a days its playing a really big roll in our live, every incorporation of tech in our live simply make the things more useful or with a specific use. This buildings clearly are going to be a new way to promote several brand in the Asia continent. Imagine the huge exposure of your brand in this type of buildings , millions of users crossing by seeing your brand. Clearly a innovative and new way of doing advertising.I leave you here guys with some pics to see what this thing is all about. I just have some question that pop up in mind. Do the advertising in this cyber buildings will only be available in the night time? Do this buildings will replace outdoor at the high ways?

Monday, May 19, 2008


How many times we think that students dont know nothing about advertising? or at least we think they dont have experience enough to turn an idea into a great execution. I really wanted to post this to show you guys that students can really make things happen. This time im posting this advertising campaign for the game Clue. We all have played this mystery game. The student is from Humber College right in the middle of Toronto.
As you may notice there is some photoshoping in this campaign, i want to think that the execution have been done. In words of the creator of the ad campaign , he said this campaign was only did for his book. I think its a great a campaign, some of the media he used , it has been used before for many brands like bathrooms and the metro. Im am not against of recycling the media, it all depends in the way you want to attrack your audience.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It's holiday time for LEGO, i have showed to you in last post some very good campaigns for this toys brand.I like a brand who takes risk of doing things in an unconventional way, it really give a plus in terms of image and marketing, of course this brand has taken tons of risk in terms of advertising, and now they are coming with this new campaign around the world to highlight his 50th anniversaries. This time the place of the strategy took place in Windsor, England. They pretty much built a tower of 100 feet and 500,000 blocks breaking the world record guiness made in toronto a couple of years

The block into the tower represents the huge success this brand has become. Lego executives said this a new way to catch people attention and attract more people to see this strategies. As you can see this amazing strategy of get people attention is no the only one Lego had made. They are going to continue doing this stuff around the year to celebrate their anniversaries.


its been a while fellas, i didn't have too much time to write in this your favorite spot of visual arts.This time im bringing a really new cool stuff made it to the new campaign of PSP. In order to find new spot to advertise a products, this ad agency find a really undiscover spot to promote a video game. No one have ever hit a spot like this, in fact it is the first time someone use a tennis field in an unusual way to advertise. I hope you like.....
Just one thing, i think it would it better if they use the same spot to advertise a tennis game instead of a PSP.
Anyway fellas, i promise I'll more in touch to keep you updated of the new fantasies of advertising

Monday, May 5, 2008


Established in 1981, Neighbourhood Dance Works is the sole presenter of contemporary dance in Newfoundland and Labrador. NDW is dedicated to promoting excellence in contemporary dance through workshops, residencies and presentation. We are committed to the development of a vibrant dance community and the advancement of emerging and mature choreographers. We support local dance creation and facilitate the exchange of skills and knowledge between local and national communities. Neighbourhood Dance Works is a division of Resource Centre for the Arts and is directed by a volunteer committee.

So basically i dont have any words for this kind of advertising, clearly this genre of outdoor advertising is becoming more effective than the traditional channels such as tv, radio and print ad. The reduction of cost developing and executing this type of advertsing can leverage your brand or service among the competence. This is just thinking outside of the box, allocating this things in parking lots. It take you by surprise the instalation so it force you read what the ad is about.